Firms With Flexible Work Environments Double the Hiring Pace of Firms Working Full Time In the Office

This week on The JSA Blog, we’re sharing some news based on what we are seeing in the current marketplace.

A few weeks back we talked about a big momentum shift of late where Big Law firms are trying to make a push for attorneys to come back into the office. However, a recently released report where more than 4,500 companies that collectively employ more than 10 million people were surveyed suggests firms that have flexible work environments in place are doubling the hiring pace of firms that have full-time in the office arrangements.

There are obviously pros and cons for both flexible and full-time in the office work arrangements and there are certainly tradeoffs for any organization, no matter which system they choose. But one truth seems to be clear and has been true for a while now. The organizations that offer flexible work environments will have a better chance at bringing in top tier talent than those that have a strict ‘in the office’ only policy.

Certainly, the law firm space needs to have some in person time spent amongst partners, associates and other staff in order to collaborate and get the most out of each individual and the team as a greater whole. The key is for firms to strike the right balance. If a firm decides they only will offer a 5 days a week in the office work policy, they stand to lose out on great potential candidates before the conversation even gets started. Those individuals realize that they can pick and choose their spots, be patient, and wait for the right opportunity to arise that suits their needs best.

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