Top 5 Mistakes Employees Make While Speaking With Executives

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Although the workplace environment has been evolving rapidly over the past couple of years, there is one crucial aspect of all businesses that has not wavered in its importance to the success of any organization. Communication. As employees strive to advance their careers within an organization, knowing how to speak to an executive is one skill that isn’t really taught, but being an effective communicator could be the key to growing a career track. It may sound simple, but communicating with leaders of an organization is one of the more challenging feats to navigate for employees.

Executives, like all people, are inspired by and more likely to engage with people they like and respect. Communicating in a strong and effective matter will certainly lead you closer to this path. Below are the top 5 mistakes employees make while speaking with executives.

  • Giving too much detail
  • Not taking a strong stance and opinion
  • Underestimating questions and challenges
  • Not being prepared
  • Focusing on need versus want

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