The Top Incentive to Bring Gen Z & Millennials into the Office

This week on The JSA Blog, we’re sharing some news from the Staffing Industry.

As corporate America attempts to rebound from the pandemic, one aspect businesses are struggling with is getting Gen Z and Millennial workers back in the office. Some companies are trying to lure these employees back by dangling free concert tickets, coffee, massages, and breakfasts as an incentive. Others are taking a forceful approach, demanding employees return or risk losing their jobs. However, according to Kastle Systems, U.S. office occupancy was just 47% for the week of September 26th. So what’s the best approach to get employees back?

According to Microsoft research, there is one perk that stands above the rest based on recent polling over 20,000 full time employees around the world, and it doesn’t involve tickets to events, or bottomless Starbucks lattes. The top motivating factor for younger employees to return to the office is simply time to socialize with colleagues. 78% of Gen Z and Millennials are motivated to return to the office so that they can interact and socialize with their work friends, while fostering new connections and relationships in the workplace as well.

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