The Correct Way to Format Your Resume in 2023

This week on The JSA Blog, we’re sharing some news based on what we are seeing in the current marketplace.

A resume tells your story and why you are the best fit for a given open job opportunity. The truth is that most recruiters and hiring managers come across countless resumes on a daily basis, so getting your resume right needs to be a top priority for job seekers in 2023.

There’s a saying that you have “six seconds to impress a hiring recruiter.” Six seconds may be a little exaggerated, but the message is clear. Your resume should be formatted correctly so that the person reviewing it can find all your information quickly. See below for some quick tips on getting your resume right:

  • Mirror the job description language. Make your resume speak to the job you are applying for.
  • The standard resume template is three sections:
    • Education (20% of page)
    • Professional Experience (70% of page)
    • Skills, Languages & Interests (10% of page)
  • If you are a recent graduate, your education section should be at the top.
  • After a year or so at your first position, you could move the education section below your professional experience.
  • A summary isn’t always necessary, but based on feedback from people you trust, you may want to include it.

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