Bonus Eligibility Now Tied to In-Office Attendance for Leading Global Company

This week on The JSA Blog, we’re sharing some news based on what we are seeing in the current marketplace.

There has been a big momentum shift of late where Big Law firms are trying to make a push for attorneys to come back into the office. There are a few reasons why, and they generally come with good reason. Training complications, struggles with building company culture, or even a firm trying to get the most bang for their buck due to their office lease obligations, all of these issues present a reason for Big Law firms to try to get associates back into the office.

Returning to the office mandates are becoming standard in the industry these days, with 4 days in becoming more popular as of late. Associates who don’t follow the mandate risk having bonuses docked or potentially being laid off. One firm is even taking it a step further by making bonus eligibility tied to in-office attendance. Osborne Clarke, an international firm with nearly 1,000 attorneys, is now requiring attorneys to be in the office 3 days per week to qualify for a bonus.

What we are seeing is a clear shift in the law firm industry, where at first firms went fully remote due to the pandemic. Then, there was a transition towards a hybrid model, and now a bigger push to be in the office more than not. Now that a major Big Law firm has tied in-office attendance to bonus eligibility, will we see more Big Law firms follow their initiative? Time will tell.

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