Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Advice to Be More Productive in the Morning

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Do you struggle getting things done first thing in the morning? If so, you are hardly alone. We often joke about not being spoken to until we have our morning coffee or use language such as “I am just not a morning person.” Why is it that some people can wake up at 5am to work out and get a jump on the day, while others hit the snooze button until they are forced to jump out of bed?

So what is a “non-morning person” to do? Has it been pre-ordained that they can only get things done after the sun reaches its high point in the sky, or can they find ways to change so they can start making things happen in the morning? The answer is encouraging: there are certainly ways that we can improve our morning productivity. And no other than Arnold Schwarzenegger provides us with inspiration and tangible ways we can start changing the narrative of our mornings starting today.

According to, here is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s advice to be more productive in the morning:

  • Keep it simple: don’t think, just go. Arnold’s golden advice is that certain things in life need to just be done and not thought about too much. Let’s look at the example of exercise. As difficult as it can be, don’t think about how tired you are, or that you aren’t in the mood to go to they gym. Just go. Don’t give your mind the opportunity to negotiate with yourself and rationalize all the reasons why you shouldn’t do something. Remember: motivation isn’t just created out of thin air, it is fueled from action. The same principles apply for both your productivity in your personal life and your professional/work life.

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