5 Tips for Successful Networking

This week on The JSA Blog, we’re sharing some news based on what we are seeing in the current marketplace.

We’ve all heard the saying “it’s about who you know, not what you know” and for good reason. There is a great deal of truth in this saying, especially in how it relates to individuals seeking a new job or growing their business and wealth. Networking is one of the most important things you can do to help you achieve your career goals and get you where you want to be.

Networking provides a platform for building valuable relationships and connections, not just in your specific industry but on a broader scope as well. The truth is that the most qualified candidates aren’t always the ones that land a particular job, and knowing the right people could be the difference in being offered a job and being passed on one. Having a large professional network also gives you the opportunity to tap into your contacts for their knowledge, insights and ideas.

According to Entrepreneur.com, here are 5 tips for successful networking:

  1. Research and plan. Networking involves being strategic. If there is a potential contact you would like to connect with and you know will be attending an event, you should do your research to ensure you have a great connection when you meet.
  2. Be confident and take initiative. It’s natural to be nervous, most people are, especially in a room full of people you don’t know. But that all goes away once you take that first leap and introduce yourself. Before you know it, you’re flowing with the conversation and the nerves have gone by the wayside.
  3. Focus on them. You don’t want to spend more time talking about yourself than learning about others. Ask lots of questions, learn about others and find common interests.
  4. Stay in touch. You want to keep building off that initial first impression. Send a thank you note, share a relevant news article or strike up a conversation about one of your shared interests.
  5. Give compliments. Making others feel good is always a good thing to do. Congratulate someone on a recent accomplishment. Ask them how they have developed a particular skill so well. Find ways to make others feel good while also learning ways to improve yourself.

For more details and to read the full article from Entrepreneur.com, click the link below!