4 Reasons Why Monday is the Best Day to Work in the Office

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The dreaded Monday. We all have been there as the “Sunday scaries” creep in. But could a shift in our attitude and perspective give us a boost in productivity? Perhaps we’ve been looking at this all wrong, and Monday is actually the day to put your best foot forward and get some momentum to build on throughout the rest of the week.

As many workplaces have adopted a hybrid schedule, a good number of employees are opting to work remotely on Mondays. However, the benefits of getting into the office on a Monday should not be overlooked. The beginning of the week is a natural reset button, allowing individuals to set new goals and prioritize tasks. Not to mention, the collective energy in the office on Mondays can be contagious, where a positive and collaborative atmosphere awaits those who make the commute.

According to FastCompany.com, here are 4 reasons why Monday is the best day to work in the office:

  1. Alleviate the Sunday Scaries. Many are finding that the dread that creeps in on Sunday night is actually worse when you are working remotely. In can be tough to transition from personal life/free time to work life/”get stuff done” mode when you are in the same location for both: home. Unconsciously, you begin to associate your home with work and it has the potential to bring down your mood and productivity as lines get blurred. There are many ways to make your Mondays less “scary”. Treat them like January 1st, protect your most productive time of the day, limit meetings, and treat yourself to something fun.
  2. Hit the ground running. First off, Monday and Friday are now better days for commuting, as the most congested days on the roads and public transportation are midweek from Tuesday through Thursday. Secondly, getting into the office on Monday benefits you from a productivity and engagement standpoint. Those working remotely on Mondays often start the week with little urgency and limited connection with colleagues. Getting into the office to start the week can give you some momentum and enthusiasm towards work, putting you on a path to success.
  3. Build connections and network. The best way to bond and build camaraderie with your coworkers is to see them face to face. Collaborating in the office on Monday sets the tone for the week, with employees feeding off the energy and purpose for the week ahead. Teams that work together in person often have a higher rate of creating a thriving and successful environment.
  4. Diminish silos and boost creativity. Showing up to the office on Monday can benefit your creativity and skill development in the long run. The connections you make in the office can also help you find mentorship opportunities and keep you more engaged with your team in real time, as opposed to the siloed nature of remote work.

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