4 Key Attributes of Successful Teams

This week on The JSA Blog, we’re sharing some news based on what we are seeing in the current marketplace.

An efficient and effective team could be the difference between a highly productive and successful workforce and a mediocre or average one at best. As the remarkable Helen Keller once said, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” Getting individuals to come together to function as a cohesive, collective unit is a key to success and should be a top priority for organizations, regardless of the industry they operate within.

Furthermore, having cooperative, high-functioning teams within an organization not only benefits the business, but the employees as well. When employees see better results and feel a part of something bigger than themselves, an increase in job satisfaction and morale are common byproducts. These employees will feel more motivated and ambitious to pursue career advancements within the company.

According to Fast Company and Dean Phillips, a “former FBI agent and military officer turned tech-exec,” here are 4 key attributes of successful teams:

  1. A shared sense of purpose
  2. Creative freedom
  3. Positivity and support within the group
  4. Each member of the team is committed and buys into the mission or objective

For more details and to read the full article from Fast Company, click the link below!