3 Tips to Help Create Motivation Out of Challenges

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It can be said that life is but a series of never ending challenges. Our attitude and perspective in how we go about overcoming these challenges determines a lot about how we feel about ourselves. Sometimes we dread the task in front of us, while at other times we may feel motivated to try and jump over the hurdle.

Truthfully, we all have days where we are firing on all cylinders and we all have days where we can’t find the gumption to get started. Sometimes we may react by procrastinating, but this only is delaying the inevitable. If we can only tap into that motivation that is deep inside us each time we were presented with a new challenge.

So what are some ways to inspire that drive to face the challenge head on and get our productive and creative juices flowing?

According to FastCompany.com, here are 3 tips to help create motivation out of challenges:

  1. Ask for help and encourage others to do the same. There is this stigma that asking for help makes you appear weak or incompetent. But nobody can be totally self-sufficient without the help of others from time to time. In fact, it can be a sign of you taking initiative. Don’t be afraid to ask someone for help, that’s what teammates (and good colleagues) are for!
  2. Embrace vulnerability. This is extremely important for everyone in an organization, especially those in higher positions as employees often take cues from the leaders of the company. An environment where individuals are afraid of being vulnerable is an environment that is not promoting creativity and innovation. Individuals feed off others’ vulnerabilities, and it leads to a greater sense of connection among us, as we can all let our guard down a bit and share in our vulnerabilities. The outcome: More open communication and collaboration which often leads to success.
  3. Change your perspective and make it fun. If we change our perspective and look at that dreaded task as a game or puzzle for us to figure out, it can shift our attitude towards getting started immensely. Even better, get a few teammates involved and make it a shared mission to figure out a way through the challenge ahead of you with some open brainstorming sessions.

For more details and to read the full article from FastCompany.com, click the link below!